4 Best Indoor Composting Methods - Start going #Zerowaste

4 Best Indoor Composting Methods You Should Try!

Indoor composting can make a HUGE IMPACT on our planet.
The typical American family generates 650 pounds of organic waste annually, but majority of it gets landfilled. In actuality, organic material fills 60% of our landfills. Since it is thrown into a sizable hole in the earth, you would imagine that it would decompose, but landfills are not aerated, so this doesn't happen. This process of organic matter that isn't receiving enough oxygen is known as anaerobic decomposition, and it's suddenly releasing methane into the atmosphere. Because methane is 72% stronger than CO2, it is accelerating climate-related problems. Think of all the good we can do just by removing organics out of our landfills.

How to Compost in an Apartment:
Although you would need to get inventive, an interior compost bucket isn't something we should all complicate. In fact, there's a common misunderstanding that compost smells bad, but it doesn't. Really, compost doesn't have much of a fragrance. It is only a earthy smell if anything.

Worm Composter Bin:
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A worm composter bin is one of the most common forms of indoor composting. Keeping a correct balance of carbon and nitrogen is key when composting indoors. Paper, cardboard, newspapers, dry leaves, and other materials are examples of carbon. The majority of your food waste will include nitrogen, meaning your compost should ideally have about 50% carbon and 50% nitrogen. Worms like to be kept around room temperature, so they’re the perfect indoor pet that happens to like eating your leftovers. Just exclude the citrus peels, dairy, and meat.
🪱 The composting worm, or red wiggler, is often available at your neighborhood bait store.
Bokashi Indoor Composting:

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It seems straightforward! You will gather all your leftovers, including meat and dairy, into the base of this enormous bucket. After mashing everything together, you add an activator mixture that is rich in microbes and speeds up the breakdown process.
You should have compost in four weeks, according to a few sources.

Electronic Composting:
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Yes, there are electric indoor composters that can convert your food waste into compost in just one night! How easy is that method?

Trench Method:

You can compost in a trench by digging a hole in the ground and burying your compost there. Simple, efficient, and at no cost. Finding a place to do it is the only challenge.

Community Garden:
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Compost patches are frequently found in community gardens. Look into joining the community garden so you may contribute your food scraps to the collection.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to shrink landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support healthy soil: COMPOSTING.
Start Composting today and Start making a difference!
Choosing products that have lighter environmental footprint is one small step toward sustainable living.
Here are a few home compostable products that we suggest for your household:

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