Compostable Cutlery Kit Eco Friendly Fork, Spoon, Knife, Napkin 6.5 inch - CPLA Heat Resistant Disposable Utensil Kit Durable Cornstarch Bio Based Biodegradable Plastic Cutlery

EcoQuality Cutlery Kits are Biodegradable, Compostable and made from Renewable and Sustainable Plant sources. Our Cutlery is made of a non-gmo corn base made in a registered facility.


USES : Great for Lunch to go, Meal Prep, Restaurants, Flatware, Serveware, Togo and delivery orders. Utilized by many locations worldwide!
SIZE : Our Disposable Utensils come in a 6.5 inch size allowing for a firm grip allowing to easily pickup or cut Steak, Chicken, Soup, Oatmeal, Ice Cream, Rice and more. All of our Forks, Knives and Spoons are sturdy enough for everyday or single use, hand wash or dishwasher only
PREMIUM FEEL : Enjoy hot foods up to 222 °F with our matte finish and premium design our Forks, Knives and Spoons will give you an unmatched high quality feel without absorbing hot foods or softening like wooden cutlery. Our cutlery is TREE FREE which means we do not use any TREE biproduct in the making of this Cutlery.
INCLUDES : Comes with 25 Packs of CPA Compostable Biodegradable Cutlery Forks, Spoons, Knives, Napkins
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