Switching to Sustainable Packaging for Businesses Made Easy!

Why Switch to Sustainable Packaging?

Businesses need to look at the bigger picture, and take a sustainable approach to getting their products from point A to point B. It's not just about the convenience of cutting cost but also about creating a better overall impact on the environment. More and more people are choosing products based on their effects on the environment, society, and the climate. According to recent IBM data, nearly 4 in 5 consumers purchase more sustainable products.

Companies should strive to be sustainable. Changing your packaging is one of the best ways to adopt sustainable habits. Sustainable packaging materials allows your company to prioritize the environment while satisfying the needs of clients who are environmentally conscious.

Beyond simply placing items in the recycle bin, eco packaging materials must go beyond that. Today's environmentally conscious businesses must instead consider the complete life cycle of their packaging to reduce waste. The ideal materials to use are those that won't damage the environment and that also provide an eco-friendly manufacturing process. The techniques listed below can help you start using eco-friendly packaging materials.

1.Use Recyclable Materials

It's a grand idea to use recycled materials for packaging to prolong the life of previously used materials and prevent the use of virgin polymers. You should think about using recyclable packaging materials if you wish to use takeout boxes or other to-go containers.

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Use recycled kraft paper for takeout boxes, sandwich bags, or food delivery bags is one of the greatest solutions for recyclable packaging. Kraft, which is made of paper pulp, is lightweight and is easily formed into containers of various sizes and shapes.

In comparison to other options, this packaging strategy is also more affordable and efficient. Some of these boxes made from recycled food packaging have a grease-proof layer to prevent oil leaks.

Plastic is notoriously bad for the environment, but there may be times when it's the only choice for your packaging. Choose recycled plastic or biodegradable plastic instead.

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2. Switch to Compostable Packaging

One of the better choices you can make is to use compostable materials for packaging. Compostable packing materials are the foundation of sustainable packaging. For instance, the decomposition of Styrofoam packaging in landfills could take more than 500 years. Products made of Styrofoam that consumers discard will remain in landfills for numerous generations.

kraft takeout sustainable food ecofriendly packaging togo green compostable biodegradable solutions for restaurants businesses ecoquality tips

On the other hand, compostable materials are adaptable and start to decompose quickly. Consider choosing compostable packaging, which will start composting as soon as they become wet. A home composting facility can decompose the material in 180 days, while a commercial composting plant can complete the task in just 90 days, depending on the material and compost quality.

This one piece of advice can substantially reduce your environmental footprint.

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3. Keep Your Customers Informed

Teaching your customers how to manage your packaging is another part of switching to sustainable packaging. Make sure to add a recycling icon and the keywords "recyclable" or "reusable" on the label if your packaging is recyclable. Go one step further by encouraging customers to recycle and outlining the advantages to the environment.

kraft takeout sustainable food ecofriendly packaging togo green compostable biodegradable solutions for restaurants businesses ecoquality tips

Don't forget to inform clients that your packaging is eco-friendly on your social media platforms. Good for building a brand and brand awareness while bringing in new customers!

4. Take necessary steps when moving towards sustainability.

There may be a motivation to adopt sustainability all at once. Change requires proper investigation and assessments. Testing and trial and error. As a result, making all of the changes at once can overwhelm your staff and prevent you from carrying out your goals.

Instead of changing everything at once, you may start with a few things and see how it goes. For instance, if your takeout boxes come in several sizes, consider swapping out one or two of them for more environmentally friendly ones first, then evaluate the outcomes before continuing.

It should go without saying that since you're changing the packaging, the product's overall pricing may also fluctuate a little. According to what will benefit your company and customers the most, adjust the new prices.

5. Work with environmentally friendly vendors

Decided to switch to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging? Check out our selection of food packaging items; we've got you covered with high quality materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or compostable!

The switch to eco-friendly packaging can be the determining factor that makes a consumer choose your product over your competitors.

Our packaging is sustainably designed to be environmentally friendly and customizable to your branding. Design your brand's recyclable takeout boxes, compostable paper bags, and more!

🌎 Let's Save the Planet Together Step by Step

Adopting the commitment to use sustainable packaging benefits your company as well as the environment. Customers prefer to work with businesses that place a high value on sustainability and minimizing their environmental effect. You may gain their business and trust by using environmentally friendly packaging. Additionally, you will be contributing to the effort to reduce global warming.

💚 Be kind to the Environment and Switch to Sustainability.

Here at EcoQuality we offer a wide variety of packaging that is eco-friendly.