Valentine's Day: 4 Sustainable Ways to Celebrate

Every year, over a billion cards are mailed, and almost all of them—coated in glitter, laminated in plastic, and featuring metallic effects—end up in landfills. hard to recycle We spend billions each year on disposable items like balloons, teddy bears, and decorations, to name a few.

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love—whether it's love for a significant other, a friend, or just for ourselves! Find Valentine's Day gift ideas and goodie bags that are ethical and sustainable. We consider that if we are celebrating love, then the presents we give should also reflect our love for other people and the environment.

Here are some sustainable ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts:

1. Buy Fair Trade Chocolate

Valentine's Day: 4 Sustainable Green EcoFriendly Ways to Celebrate ecoquality go green 2023 sustainability ecoconscious how to
With 58 million pounds of candy being bought during the week Valentine's Day, candy makes up about half of the gifts given on that holiday. However, chocolate frequently has a social and environmental cost that is far higher than its real cost. Widespread economic inequality, child labor, forced labor, deforestation, and gender inequity are all caused by the chocolate industry. To purchase chocolate that was sourced responsibly, look for the Fair-Trade label.


2. Staycation🏖️

Almost anywhere in the world, there is a ton to do.

But it's simple to overlook how much is in and around your home.

Why not stay at home instead of flying off to cliched, romantic locations like Paris, or Venice? Even if you choose to dine out or stay in a hotel, you will still save a ton of carbon emissions compared to taking a flight across Europe.

Spread the love even further by doing some good together with your loved ones. Whether you want to volunteer at a shelter or host a park clean-up, there are plenty of ways to celebrate within your community 💓.

 3. Houseplants instead of Roses

In 2022, the US spent an estimated $2.3 billion on flowers for the holiday—the majority of them roses. While most consumer believes, flowers appear to be an obvious eco-friendly gift, but they have a huge environmental impact.

Valentine's Day: 4 Sustainable Green EcoFriendly Ways to Celebrate ecoquality go green 2023 sustainability ecoconscious how to


When February 14 arrives, most of the United States is still firmly under the grip of winter. Even in California, where the majority of the nation's roses are grown, the weather is regularly still too chilly to increase production. Therefore, the majority of the vibrant red bouquets you see in your neighborhood store likely originated from Colombia or Ecuador, two countries that sent more than 4 billion flowers to the US in 2021.

The flowers are flown to the US and driven in refrigerated trucks, which use up to 25% more fuel than non-refrigerated ones, to keep them rosy red during their lengthy journey to your lover's hands.

What if you gave your special someone a cute little succulent for their desk at work instead of the usual rose bouquet? It won't wilt and die in a few days. Or give your Valentine a gift they can use, such as a potted basil, rosemary, or mint plant, if they enjoy cooking.

Something that holds in carbon dioxide and changes it into oxygen, offering your life a fresh breath of air.

4. Get Crafty with Kraft Paper

For gifts, whether for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or weddings, we use far too much wrapping paper. Ultimately ending up in the landfill, since most wrapping papers can’t be recycled due to lamination, glitter, or even certain inks.

Valentine's Day: 4 Sustainable Green EcoFriendly Ways to Celebrate ecoquality go green 2023 sustainability ecoconscious how to

Try making something unique with EcoQuality 100% recycled kraft paper bags. EcoQuality kraft bags are perfect for arts and crafts, making unique gift bags, making fun puppets or for treat bags. You can also create decorative, and inexpensive, Valentine's Day garland for the home or classroom with paper lunch bags!

Kraft bags are the ideal alternative to plastic gift bags, wrapping paper, greeting cards, etc.

Make something unique for your loved one and start getting crafty with EcoQuality Kraft bags.

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We believe that this new information may help us celebrate this season of love a little more sustainably when combined with some creative thinking.

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